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World Facts You Should Know before 2015

My conceptual idea is to summarize only interesting information from World Bank database to present  by using picture graphs. Examples are:

How many % of clean energy usage in this world ?
How many % of HIV-infected people in the world ?
How many women with advanced education ?
How many fixed broadband Internet subscribers around the world ?
How many birth rate ?
How many % of agricultural land ?
How many children would be born per one mom ?
How much does high-technology cost ?
How many women die during pregnancy and childbirth ?
How many babies die before reaching an age ?
How many % of agricultural land ?
How many endangered plant species around the world ?
How many passenger cars per 1,000 people ?
How many adults have literacy ?
How many people have tuberculosis ?
How many proportion of seats held by women in national parliaments (%) ?
How many scientific and technical journal articles ?
How many girls complete primary school ?
How many mobile cellular usage ?
How many people can access sanitation facilities ?
How many HIV-infected girls ?
How many arable land for farming ?
How many teen births rate ?
How many forest area ?
How many cereal yield per hectare ?
How much CO2 emissions ?
How many researchers in R&D ?
How many old population ?
How many people around the world ?
How much tax do people around the world pay ?
How many Internet users ?

In this February, My application is available for Voting !

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